Wyoming Holistic Health Association


It is time for Wyoming’s holistic communities to unite and be found!


What is “Holistic Health”?

The word holistic refers to treating the whole person, not just the symptoms or just the physical side of things.  Traditional health care does not acknowledge let alone address the fact that a physical dis-ease may be intertwined with a mental or spiritual imbalance.

When we feel unwell, it is often from a build up of multiple, inseparable factors in our lives, therefore it makes sense that we must also approach healing by looking at all facets of what my be off balance within the triune of body, mind and spirit as a whole system.  Holistic health care acknowledges and provides a multi-faceted approach to multi-facted problems in order to achieve happiness and balance again and prevent future ailments.

As more Americans are starting to take a proactive role in their health, the interest in holistic therapies and lifestyle is growing every day.  However, whether you are new to Wyoming or are a long time local, you have probably noticed that it can be difficult to find holistic resources in our state.

The WHHA would like to solve this and make holistic health care and resources in Wyoming accessible to all.  My name is Kristiana Jourgensen and I am the president of the Wyoming Holistic Health Association and also a Certified Massage Therapist.  WHHA’s board members and I represent a non-profit trade organization that was created to:Kristi Profile Picture

  • Provide a simple and quick way for Wyoming’s residents and visitors, to locate and utilize holistic services and merchants in our state.
  • Unite Wyoming’s holistic professionals as a trade, making us better able to take care of our clients, and each other and share resources and friendship.
  • Post informative articles in a variety of categories pertaining to holistic health for public education.
  • Be the hub of a central holistic events calendar where people can create and collaborate events in our communities to meet each other, learn and have fun!


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